What to Wear

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One question I frequently get from clients is, "What should we wear??" These portraits are going to be hanging on your walls and sent out to friends and family, you want to look good! For me personally, what I'm going to dress my family in is the hardest part of our portraits. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, and so for me it's a real struggle.

I recently came across a great website called Polyvore that let's you "clip" clothing you find while browsing the web. Genius! If you find a top you like, you can clip it and then head over to Polyvore where you can either pair it with other items you've clipped, or search what others have added to the site. You can build your outfits right on the computer before buying anything. For me that's a serious time-saver, as before I would always buy multiple outfits for everyone, bring them home, figure out what I liked and then have to return everything else. And let me tell you it will also be easier on my husband's heart as he'll no longer be seeing those multiple outfit receipts!!

Here's an example of a set I added this morning:

Casual Cool

Head over to check it out. I've only got a couple of outfits there so far, but more will be forthcoming as we get closer to our mini-session date. You can follow me to see my new outfits as they are added. And if you have any special requests (say you've got 10 kids and need outfits for all but 2) I'm happy to help out. Happy clipping!



Baby Reed- Valencia, CA Newborn Photography

Meet baby Reed. His mother is one of my best friends and it was such a pleasure to photograph them together. There is something so special that happens to a family when a new baby joins it, it's fun to be able to witness it firsthand. Thank you Dominique!


Family Portraits- What to Wear

Hi all! I've been working on some options for clothing choices for Christmas portraits this year. It's a dilemma everytime I contemplate getting our family portraits done, and I know many of you struggle with it, too. With that in mind, here is the first of a few idea boards I will post in the next couple of days.


Baby Natalie- Valencia Newborn Portrait Photography

I got to meet baby Natalie when she was just shy of two weeks. She was an angel- slept pretty soundly and really never cried at all. She is modeling just one of several *adorable* bows that her aunt made her. Shelly doesn't have an online shop but here is her blog in case you'd like to contact her to get some bows for your own little ones!

Seriously, though, how cute is this baby?? Even smiling at her mommy. *Love!*


Natural Light Photography Tutorial- Valencia Portrait Photography

When you are taking pictures and there is good light nearby, take advantage of it! Doorways are great for capturing a quick shot. As long as there is no direct sunlight coming through you will get nice lighting. Here's an example.

This first shot was taken inside the house, using just the pop-up on camera flash:

Not too bad, but look what happened when we moved about 15 feet, so that he was standing just inside the doorway.

Much better. The photo itself has better clarity, and his eyes really come alive with all the light that is reaching them. Try it yourself and see what you come up with! I'd love to see your results.

P.S. These photos are both straight out of camera, with only a sharpening filter run on each of them. Please pardon the dirty shirt. ;)


Baby Beckett- Utah Newborn Photography

My trip to Utah coincided perfectly with the birth of one of my dearest friend's son. Chelsea and I have been friends for longer than I can remember. We attended church together, and then ended up graduating from the same high school. We played, giggled (silently), cried (we have completely different crying styles) and grew up together. Chelsea always set a good example for me. She was (is) fun, pretty, popular and kind.

Just for fun, here's one from a girls' trip some of us took last June. It was to celebrate turning (shhhh) 30, but we've decided to make it an annual thing.

I can't express how surreal it was for me to edit these portraits. I have memories of Chelsea from when we were our kids' ages, and now here we are, doing the best we can to raise our own.

Chelsea, I am so glad to be able to still call you my friend after all of these years. Here's to many more. Love you!


Milo- Utah Baby Photography

My little Nephew Milo turned one this month. Seeing as how they live out of state I feel so blessed to have been able to photograph him three times during his first year.

Here is Milo as a newborn

at six months

and now a year old

Jenny I can't believe we didn't get a portrait of you and Milo at the window! Total photographer FAIL! Ah well, there's always next year. :)

Here are a couple more of Milo from his birthday. (Sporting a shirt that my sis-in-law made and digging into a cake that she and my sister made. I come from talented stock!)

Happy birthday, Milo!


Aaron's Slideshow- Newborn & Family Photography Valencia, CA

I just love putting together slideshows. There's just something about portraits set to music that makes me happy! Here is baby Aaron's slideshow. You can also see how big his sister has gotten. Such adorable kids!

One of my favorites:

Thanks again, Tierney. It was so good to see you!


Baby Aaron- Valencia Newborn Photography

This is my third session with Aaron's mom. The first two were for his big sister, whom you'll see more of next week after we complete their family session. I was so excited to meet this little guy, isn't he adorable?

Just chillin'.

Those lips!

Those fingers!



Baby Charlie's Slideshow- Valencia Newborn Photography

You remember Kristin's maternity portraits. Baby Charlie was due January 14th but decided to make a dramatic early arrival. Luckily everything turned out all right and now she is here and Mom and baby are doing well. I had planned on flying out this next weekend but was able to rearrange some plans to get there earlier. There's nothing like a brand-new baby when you want those cute bendy portraits. Baby Charlie was a complete angel and is such a pretty baby. Here's her slideshow:

A couple of my favorites:

Thank you Kristin, it was such a pleasure to photograph you and Charlie.


Custom Framing For Judy Phan Photography

Several clients have asked about custom framing. I've been eyeing a vendor for awhile now and have decided to offer this service to my clients. These custom-made frames are perfect for a number of interior design styles; from shabby chic to modern to elegant and anywhere inbetween. They are really works of art in and of themselves and will compliment your portraits beautifully. In offering custom framing I hope to help you make the portrait ordering process even easier. I can't wait to see some fabulous baby portraits in them!


Beautiful Beach Family Portraits- Judy Phan Photography

This session actually took place in September and I have been dying to share some but I couldn't because a couple of them were going on their Christmas cards. Mark ordered canvases of each of these four for Lisa's Christmas gift. They turned out beautifully and as soon as I get a chance I will post a photo of their new canvas wall.

LOVE this little guy.


Maternity Portraits with Kristin: Part II- Valencia Portrait Photography

Can't wait to meet this baby girl!!! Looks for those portraits in January. Kristin you are beautiful!


Maternity Portraits with Kristin- Valencia Portrait Photographer

I need to go to bed! I couldn't go without posting just one from today, though, it's my favorite. :) Looking good, girl! I'll be back with more on Monday!


More Sneak Peeks

These are just the first couple of sessions from the day. More to come later!