Natural Light Photography Tutorial- Valencia Portrait Photography

When you are taking pictures and there is good light nearby, take advantage of it! Doorways are great for capturing a quick shot. As long as there is no direct sunlight coming through you will get nice lighting. Here's an example.

This first shot was taken inside the house, using just the pop-up on camera flash:

Not too bad, but look what happened when we moved about 15 feet, so that he was standing just inside the doorway.

Much better. The photo itself has better clarity, and his eyes really come alive with all the light that is reaching them. Try it yourself and see what you come up with! I'd love to see your results.

P.S. These photos are both straight out of camera, with only a sharpening filter run on each of them. Please pardon the dirty shirt. ;)

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Carla said...

Love that dirty shirt! I especially love what's in it.