Maternity Portraits with Kristin: Part II- Valencia Portrait Photography

Can't wait to meet this baby girl!!! Looks for those portraits in January. Kristin you are beautiful!


Maternity Portraits with Kristin- Valencia Portrait Photographer

I need to go to bed! I couldn't go without posting just one from today, though, it's my favorite. :) Looking good, girl! I'll be back with more on Monday!


More Sneak Peeks

These are just the first couple of sessions from the day. More to come later!


Some Quick Sneak Peeks

So cute! Your galleries will be up soon!

Thanks ladies, talk to you soon!


Baby Reese- Valencia Newborn Photography

I don't know how these moms all manage to look so beautiful. But however they do it I feel so grateful to be able to photograph them and their sweet babies! Meet baby Reese and her wonderful mother. Both gorgeous and both such sweeties!

Baby Reese's headband is by Mari of Mari Elizabeth Couture. It was SO stinkin' cute. I made momma stay even though Reese was a little fussy just so we could get a couple of her in it. LOVED it!


What to Wear: Part II

Brighter colors this time. It helps to think of your clothing grouping as one big outfit. If you wouldn't wear it together on one person, don't put it together on more.


What to Wear: Part I

I've had several people ask me what they should wear for their mini-sessions. I am putting together several idea boards so that if you are drawing a blank you can either shop from directly or use to jump-start your outfits.

For the first look I've gone with a mono-chormatic color scheme. Grays, blues and blacks. The boy's shirt is purple, but with the rest of the outfits consisting of those other three colors I would switch his shirt out for one that fits in. Typically when you have base colors and then only one article of clothing that is different the eye will be drawn to it. All of these clothes can be found at JCrew*, Banana Republic, or Gap. Remember to carefully consider shoes and accesories!

*The J. Crew children's line, Crewcuts, is available only online. So if you like what you see order quickly and make sure you select the correct shipping method so that it will get to you on time.



Newborn Baby M

Sweet, sweet baby. Oh, how I love newborns.

Radiant! Isn't she beautiful?


The Savvy Photographer

It's been awhile since I've posted anything! Bad photographer, bad! Here's a fun* link for you, though. It will tide you over till the next time I post!

If you're not a photographer you might not find it so fun. ;)


Now That They've Seen Them

Now that they've seen their gallery I can post a few more from it. Aren't they such a cute couple??

Now that they've seen their gallery I can post a few more from it. Aren't they cute??


A Few More

Since I had her there...

My favorite from the whole day:


A Study In Lighting

A friend of mine graciously agreed to model for me for a study of studio lighting that I wanted to conduct. I thought you might like to see the results! I used two lights for this study. The light to the camera's left stayed constant throughout the study.

For this portrait both lights were set to the same output, resulting in flat lighting.

Beginning with this portrait, I lowered the output of the light on the camera's right one stop for each exposure. You can see how the left side of my model's face is slightly darker.


Lower still.

For this portrait I turned off the light to the right of the camera.

This last exposure demonstrates the difference the direction of the light can make to the feel of a portrait. In the previous portrait, my light was pointed at a 45 degree angle to my model. For this one it is feathered across, or pointed perpendicular to her face. Notice the lighting on her face. More light reaches the left side of her face, creating softer shadows, while less light reaches the background, making it darker.

Which one is your favorite?