What to Wear

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One question I frequently get from clients is, "What should we wear??" These portraits are going to be hanging on your walls and sent out to friends and family, you want to look good! For me personally, what I'm going to dress my family in is the hardest part of our portraits. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, and so for me it's a real struggle.

I recently came across a great website called Polyvore that let's you "clip" clothing you find while browsing the web. Genius! If you find a top you like, you can clip it and then head over to Polyvore where you can either pair it with other items you've clipped, or search what others have added to the site. You can build your outfits right on the computer before buying anything. For me that's a serious time-saver, as before I would always buy multiple outfits for everyone, bring them home, figure out what I liked and then have to return everything else. And let me tell you it will also be easier on my husband's heart as he'll no longer be seeing those multiple outfit receipts!!

Here's an example of a set I added this morning:

Casual Cool

Head over to check it out. I've only got a couple of outfits there so far, but more will be forthcoming as we get closer to our mini-session date. You can follow me to see my new outfits as they are added. And if you have any special requests (say you've got 10 kids and need outfits for all but 2) I'm happy to help out. Happy clipping!


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