What to Wear: Part I

I've had several people ask me what they should wear for their mini-sessions. I am putting together several idea boards so that if you are drawing a blank you can either shop from directly or use to jump-start your outfits.

For the first look I've gone with a mono-chormatic color scheme. Grays, blues and blacks. The boy's shirt is purple, but with the rest of the outfits consisting of those other three colors I would switch his shirt out for one that fits in. Typically when you have base colors and then only one article of clothing that is different the eye will be drawn to it. All of these clothes can be found at JCrew*, Banana Republic, or Gap. Remember to carefully consider shoes and accesories!

*The J. Crew children's line, Crewcuts, is available only online. So if you like what you see order quickly and make sure you select the correct shipping method so that it will get to you on time.

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Tongue Trip said...

speechless. simply wow wow wow! these pictures are so tender, cute and perfect. youre so gifted.